A7 Manager is more than a simple Portfolio Management System (PMS).

You benefit from a single point of access to all of the information necessary to your workflow with a tool that allows you to rationalize and standardize the presentation and organization for your clients’ portfolios.

A7 Manager


The various functions are organized into distinct tabs.
Important information is rapidly accessible.


The Principle Functions

A7 Manager‘s principle functions are organized into four tabs. Each tab corresponds to a specific need such as client and portfolio management, securities management, order management, and billing and invoicing.





Powerful Customization

A7 Manager can be easily adapted to the individual needs of your business. You can personalize interfaces, charts, data presentation, and more.
Here are some examples…

Asset Classes

You define your own asset classes and sub-classes which you then apply to the securities in your database. The are no limits imposed by the asset classes of the depository banks.

Investment Profiles

Unlimited number of investment profiles can be created, either as standard profiles or individual profiles customized to each client or account.

Chart coloring

The order and colors representing the asset classes are completely customizable.

User Interface

You can personalize the user interface into a split view or full screen.

Showing, Hiding, and Ordering Data

Tables allow columns to be show, hidden, and reordered on a user-by-user basis, all saved within each user's profile.

Custom reporting

Create your own reports and statements, defining the columns and their order.

Functional and Efficient

A7 Manager offers numerous functionalities, all with the goal of facilitating the daily management of your clients.
Here are a few examples…

Consolidation across multiple banks

Portfolios can be consolidate across any number of different accounts and banks in a few simple clicks. Securities are consolidated automatically and the investment profile is updated immediately.

Consolidated statements with their corresponding charts can be exporting and printed.

Advanced Tracking and Management of Investment Profiles

You define your own tactical and strategic margins (min / target / max) for each asset class within each investment profile.

The verification of investment profile compliance is rapid and simple, thanks to an intuitive dashboard showing a view of the status of each asset class.

Cart colors and ordering of investment classes is customizable.

Simple and Rapid Calculation of Market Orders

Creation of market orders can be accomplished very rapidly via calculation of a % of the portfolio value or % of a security to sell. Each order can be modified individually.

Clients are automatically filtered according to their investment profiles and available liquid assets, as well as other restrictions placed on the account.

Individual (client-by-client) orders can be created directly from each client’s portfolio and then regrouped for later transmission.

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