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Are you looking for a simple and intuitive portfolio management system (PMS) with an integrated, dynamic CRM to manage LBA compliance?

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Simplicity and Security

We have designed our software solutions with two primary objectives in mind: a simple and intuitive user experience and data security.
Our platform is installed within your existing IT infrastructure and your data is always in your possession.

Uses Your Existing IT Infrastructure

Cost effectiveness is paramount with little to no additional investment necessary in IT infrastructure.

Fast On-boarding

We can have you up and running within a few hours, especially in cases with existing support for your partner banks.


Our solutions are lightweight and powerful, are not resource intensive, and can accommodate numerous simultaneous users.

Data Security

All data is encrypted and powerful user permissions tools allow you to secure your clients’ confidential data.

Easy to Learn

Our interfaces are easy and intuitive allowing for rapid mastery of the tools and immediate gains in efficiency.

Custom Access Rights

Access to program functionality and sensitive user data is fully customizable to your business needs.

Our Solutions

A7 Solutions is a suite of financial tools developed in Switzerland and in close collaboration with investment professionals and independent asset managers. Our goal is to provide simple, lightweight solutions which respond to your precise business needs and can fit easily into almost any existing IT infrastructure with little or no additional overhead.


A7 Manager is our flagship portfolio management solution, designed specially with the needs of independent asset managers in mind.

Our objective is to provide pertinent functionality in a simple and intuitive interface.


A7 Compliance is our client relations management (CRM) solution designed to organise and secure sensitive client information.

Our objective is to provide a flexible and centralized client database with LBA and risk analysis in mind.


A7 Server is the behind-the-scenes workhorse that manages the daily flow of data from your depository banks.

Our objective is to provide a hands-off process for receiving and consolidating your financial data.

Our Company

We have created A7 Solutions with the goal of providing our clients with a professional presence and high quality of service. Our solutions have been actively helping Swiss independent asset managers for over 10 years.

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We are proud to say that our best publicity is the satisfaction of our clients.
Here are some of the things that our existing clients have to say about us and how our products have helped them. Anyone here would be happy to speak to you in person about their experiences.

Interested in a Demonstration?

We think the best way to discover our solutions is to actually use them. We are happy to come directly to you for a live demonstration, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional questions or information, or to organise a demonstration in your offices.

Our Partners

Today, we have over 50 banks already online and integrated into our tools, many of which are well known Swiss banking institutions. We are regularly adding new banks as our clients’ needs evolve. A comprehensive list of linked banks is available on demand. We also proudly recommend the services of our partners.

Cloud computing, Remote Desktop, file storage, secured backups

Consulting and externalization of compliance and risk management

A powerful and anonymous performance monitoring and bench-marking tool.

Find Us

We are more than happy to respond to any of your questions, ideally by telephone during business hours or via email.

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