A7 Server is your silent partner, working in the background to communicate with the banks and consolidate the data into your database.

Automated Data Flow

Data received from the banks is processed automatically and in the background by A7 Server when technically possible for the partner bank. For banks which are not technically equipped to transfer files automatically, it is simple to manually import files which are provided by most banks’ web portals.


The Banks Immediately Connected and Available

A7 Server processes data flows from numerous depository banks, mainly in Switzerland.
We are regularly adding news banks as our clients’ businesses expand.

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A lightweight and secure database

A7 Server allows you to choose between the cost effectiveness of MySQL or the power and flexibility of Microsoft SQL Server.
You have total control over your data and you decide where to keep it: on site or in the cloud.


An open source SQL database platform from Oracle.

Microsoft SQL Server

The SQL database platform developed by Microsoft.

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