A7 Complaince is our secure solution for managing sensitive client data.

Benefit from the power and flexibility of a totally open CRM database platform allowing for a fully customized client database with risk analysis.

Freely configure and organize your data

A7 Compliance centralizes and organises data around your clients.
You can define an unlimited number of data fields and organise them into customized, dynamic forms.


Principle Features

In addition to organizing your data, A7 Compliance offers a  number of additional features to help manage your clients’ sensitive data.

Audit Trail (Change Logging)

All data modifications are archived and can be traced back to the time, date and user.

Document and E-mail Generation

Generate documents and emails from templates and send them directly from A7 Compliance.

Unlimited Data Elements

You can create and organize an unlimited number of data elements around your clients.

Dynamic Risk Calculation

Define you own levels of risk, assign them to data points, and the global risk level for each client is calculated automatically.

Directly Integrated with A7 Manager

Present only the items you wish to appear within A7 Manager and leave the rest to your compliance team.

VoIP Telephone Compatible

Call clients and contacts directly from your PC with VoIP telephone integration.

Data Encryption

All A7 Compliance data is encrypted with AES-265 before it is stored in the database.

Use your own templates

Integrate and automatically fill in your own templates and forms

Powerful User Access Management

Manage access to data elements and clients via a powerful permissions system.

Powerful Search Engine

Find information rapidly and effectively with the powerful integrated search engine.

Dynamic Input Forms

Input forms can be configured to behave dynamically based on previous responses within the form.

Dynamic Lists and Filters

Create dynamic lists of clients based on pre-defined criteria. Results are updated automatically.

Available Data Types

A7 Compliance offers a large number of built-in data types to choose from to help in creating and organizing the structure of your database.
Keeping track of data compliance is simple to manage with required data fields.

Simple Text

Long Text





Monetary Amounts





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